Anmai Cloud Matrix Storage Service is a storage product based on Web 3.0, which provides an IPFS-based centralized storage trading platform where equipment malfunction on servers and disks, data misoperation, ransomware, bugs and other logical errors can be efficiently addressed; henceforth, data protection and recovery can be secured.


Anmai Cloud Matrix Storage is deployed in a global, multi-regional infrastructure, with a reliability of up to 99.9999%.

Low Cost

Save up to 70% compared to standard storage costs.

User Friendly

Users can manage cloud storage resources at ease through the console and API interfaces with its data life cycle management and data intelligent processing capabilities.


Beijing Zhong Jing Tian Ping Company

Provided vital support to Zhong Jing Tian Ping for the backtracking of evidence collection.


Disaster Recovery Backup

Anmai Cloud is dedicated to providing users with stable and reliable IPFS decentralized storage services via user friendly PaaS services, OpenAPI services and storage toolkits based on IPFS technology.

Disaster Recovery Backup
Time and Energy Conservation

Automatically complete file archiving and cloud synchronization through the Client or API.

Cost Effective

Elastic expansion and purchase by demand are offered based on the decentralized storage resources deployed globally by Anmai Cloud.


Decentralized storage service, naturally defends against DDOS attacks, supports data slicing and multiple-copy storage.


China M Cloud

Reduced the cost of file storage, provided storage services as per customers’ archived data and achieved easy backup.


Scientific Computing

The Anmai Cloud’s scientific computing solution can perform large-scale distributed parallel computing without a management server and meet the requirement of scenarios such as real-time file processing, data analysis, video transcoding, scientific computing etc.

Scientific Computing
Easy to Use

No worrying about the delivery and deployment of computing resources, readily available.

Flexible Expansion

Massive computing resources enables high-level concurrency.

Purchase by Demand

Pay according to the actual consumption of resources, which optimizes resource utilization and reduces user expenses.



Helped JACK&ME build a diversified, flexible, and decentralized network computing platform to achieve many high-intensity parallel computing tasks.


Security Computing

Anmai Cloud Security Computing Platform is a set of product technical solutions that achieve the separation of data ownership and data use right through blockchain technology to ensure the safety and control of data circulation. The vision for the secure computing platform is to break the data monopoly, make the data flow easy and safe, and realize the free flow of data.

Security Computing
Complete Data Security System

The secure computing platform features a blockchain-based whole process audit, real-time operation monitoring and history playback based on computational sandbox, access restrictions based on the resulting usage specification and ensures the safety of data use in all aspects, preventing data leakages.

Open Platform Ecology

It can support multiple user roles such as data source, calculation, data demand and channels. As a neutral third party, the safe house can support diverse and rich data sources to create higher value.

Flexible Algorithm Implementation Module

Users can complete online data application, data authorization, data analyzing, operation monitoring and auditing, results using and other operations. The integrated online procedure provides convenient operations for users, which improves work efficiency significantly.


Chengdu Digital Media Industrialization Base Co., Ltd.

Data secure storage and secure computing services are provided for Chengdu Digital Media Industrialization Base Co., Ltd.


Physical Cloud

Beyond flexibility, Anmai Cloud’s physical cloud platform features high performance computing capability, which is comparable to that of traditional machines. In addition to having safe physical isolation, disk scalability and downtime recovery empower elasticity for rapidly growing enterprises in paid deployment and flexible scaling.

Physical Cloud
Excellent Performance

Anmai Cloud’s physical cloud platform can access to the public cloud network directly, and the internal network bandwidth has been upgraded from 25Gbps to 50Gbps. Both the system and data disks use scalable RSSD cloud disks based on the RDMA network, with a maximum expansion of 480,000 IOPS.

Excellent Flexibility

Install in minutes, online flexible disk capacity expansion and failure recovery migration build up its strong delivery ability which can meet various business needs with flexibility.

Safe Physical Isolation

Decentralized multi-copy storage makes data more secure and reliable. Zero virtualization overhead ensures physical isolation and exclusive performance, providing customers with safe, reliable, stable and exclusive computing resources.


Tianxin Tech

Provided a set of elastic solutions of rapid deployment, high availability and high flexibility.


Content Distribution

Anmai Cloud provides infrastructure for extensively covered edge cloud, including computing, storage, network and other basic capabilities, and supports the deployment of business applications to the edge, forming a global or localized edge service coverage.

Content Distribution
Global Layout of Node & Multi-line BGP Bandwidth Access

We can address the bad experiences and delay problems caused by wide geographical distribution and unstable networks.

Resource Mobilization in Seconds and Secure and Stable Edge Computing

Improve link quality and reduce backbone network pressure effectively.

Fully Automatic Archiving & Seamless Docking to Cost-Effective Storage Services

Improve availability and business flexibility and reduces costs.


Machine Learning

Anmai Cloud provides AI practicing, AI online training services and cloud GPU computing services to help customers to achieve one-stop task hosting which suits common AI scenarios such as image identification and video processing.

Machine Learning

Rapid launch of training tasks, one-stop services.


Pure cloud-based structure; light ITOM; users just need to focus on their business.

High Performance

Massive GPU sources; use as per needs; flexible expansion.



Met KODA robot dog’s needs for decentralized storage and deep learning.

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