Artificial Intelligence

Anmai Cloud meets AI industrial customers’ demands for substantial computing and storage resources in the process of model training and reasoning via its bare metal servers, decentralized storage, GPU cloud servers and artificial intelligence platforms. It provides customers with highly available and cost-effective infrastructure construction solutions thanks to its IDC resources and hybrid cloud networking experience, which benefit them with low-cost operation and high efficiency production.

Artificial Intelligence
Solution Merits

Provides users with multiple types of computing resources and storage resources, which can be used for scientific computing, deep learning, graphics processing and other computing tasks. Users can also flexibly allocate resource usage according to the task requirements.

Massive Storage

Anmai Cloud provides enormous, low-cost and highly reliable decentralized storage services to solve complicated problems such as large data storage, data reliability and distribution in AI industry scenarios. It provides easy access to the storage of pictures, audio, video, text, and other types of data.

Rapid Network Access

Multi-line BGP and large-bandwidth access reduces the network delay caused by visits and empowers AI industry customers to access cloud resources rapidly.



KODA robot dog can generate 400,000 entries of data with one joint movement. In the face of big data, reducing storage costs and improving data stability are KODA’s core demands.


Scientific Research

As cloud computing grows, all data and computing is able to be completed on the cloud. Online scientific research data brings a more efficient internal collaboration. Less heavy investment in scientific research and less operation and maintenance allows scientific research institutions to focus on scientific research subjects.

Scientific Research
Excellent Performance Experience

Leading performance: 100G high-speed computing network, local 3.2T enterprise-level SSD disk, and local cache disk in cloud services.

All-round Security Protection

It is a safe and reliable high-performance computing platform based on blockchain sandbox technology. Users’ data security can be secured with its end-to-end security solutions.

Perfect Ecological Cooperation

Integrated with mainstream HPC application software combined with a basic algorithm resource pool. This allows users to run more stable, easier and reliable businesses on the cloud.



Anmai Cloud's solutions facilitate technical exchanges and in-depth cooperation between the research and production sector, and accelerates the integration process from research to production.


Comprehensive Health

The decentralized storage of Anmai Cloud (AMC) is capable of coping with the storage, analysis and modeling of large data in the comprehensive health sector, whereby a decentralized data warehouse can be formed.

Comprehensive Health
Law Abiding Data Storage

Long-term storage of big data such as archives and clinical history, in compliance with laws and regulations.

Data Archiving & Offline Backup

A lifecycle storage strategy is provided aiming at content with decreasing visit frequency.

Privacy Protection & Permanent Storage

The customers ‘health data will be encrypted, permanently stored and recalled on IPFS decentralized network.


Codoon Health

Being one of the leading comprehensive health big data platforms, Codoon health must store and archive a large volume of health data.


Government Affairs

Anmai Cloud optimizes the storage of cold data such as wills, copyrights, proofs and electronic contracts to meet the requirements of Judicial entities on top of ensuring data security and privacy via its decentralized storage tools.

Government Affairs
Data Security and Stability

Optimized for the storage of cold data to guarantee privacy and data security.

Trace to the Source of Data

All the data stored on Anmai Cloud can be traced back to their sources.

Fast Extract

The cold data that is needed can be extracted from large data quickly.


Beijing Zhong Jing Tian Ping Company

Beijing Zhong Jing Tian Ping is an internet technology company driven by “Intelligent Justice”, it is also one of the first groups of blockchain information service units registered in China. It exists mainly to store the judicial data on the blockchain to prevent tampering.



2020 saw a 287% increase in H1 gene enterprises financing. There will be a surge in the accumulation of genetic big data and its use transformation. The rapid development of biological information technology has been motivated by IT technology platforms with high performance, extensibility and economics. Anmai Cloud is the right choice for secure data storage, computing analysis and data.

Computation Speedup

Gene sequencing analysis algorithm is gradually becoming stable. Besides employing traditional CPU as the core computing power, we adopt containers, FGPA, GPU, big data and distribute technologies to reduce analysis time consumption and improve service efficiency.

Data Archiving

The cost of archiving storage increases as genetic data surges. Anmai Cloud provides an archiving storage service based on IPFS technology with a lower cost for each unit of storage.

Flexible Lease

There are high and low seasons in the gene industry. In peak seasons, business can be 10 times more than that in low seasons and thus in peak seasons, local resources can be insufficient to meet demand. Users can rent massive resources with one click on the Anmai Cloud platform to prepare for the peak season.



Large genetic testing data needs to be stored after decentralization. Meanwhile, outcomes of the research on large data will be delivered and stored.

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