Edge Computing

Anmai Cloud provides extensive coverage of edge computing infrastructure, including computing, storage, network and other basic capabilities, supporting the deployment of business applications to the cloud, forming a global or localized edge service coverage.

Edge Computing
All Capital Cities of Provinces in China are Covered by Three Major Operators
Secure and Stable Edge Computing Power, Allocated in Seconds.
Multilateral and Edge Clouds Link Optimization Throughout the Whole Network.


China M Cloud

Edge computing provides stable and reliable computing and network services to HuaQi Cloud, with elastic and minute-level delivery capabilities. Edge computing has the ability of streaming nearby, confluence, transcoding and bullet screen, which can effectively improve link quality and reduce the pressure on the backbone network. The full coverage of edge nodes relieves bad experiences and delays caused by a wide geographical distribution and unstable network.



Anmai Cloud is committed to creating easy-to-use and robust blockchain technology and products that attract customers and partners from all walks of life to focus on commercial blockchain application and innovation. Tapping into the full potential of the commercial era of trust via the stimulation of blockchain.

High-performance Platform

Large data storage and tens of thousands levels of TPS processing capability is offered based on the rich R&D expertise in the blockchain industry of Anmai Cloud.

Security and Credibility

The platform is complete with the ability to protect privacy at the financial level from the bottom layer of the blockchain and the ability to authenticate corporate identity, personal identity, content security, etc.

Easy to Use

Rapid blockchain deployment capability, rich landing business scenarios and significant reduction of customer's investment in blockchain.


Artificial Intelligence

Anmai Cloud platform of artificial intelligence is committed to accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises and promoting AI and industry ecology. The platform allows rapid access to data, algorithms, and intelligent equipment, and provides visual editing tools for services and resource management and allocation. Furthermore, AI application development costs can be reduced by integrating AI service components and opening standardized interfaces.

Artificial Intelligence
Visualized Scheduling

It is designed with visual and drag-and-drop task scheduling capabilities, components including data connection, AI service, operation gateway, etc,. Making multi-algorithm fusion, multi-data component assembly, multi-business service combination and quick development of applications that meet the demands of enterprise business scenarios easily achievable.

Simple Deployment and Maintenance

Container mirroring deployment can effectively solve the problem of environmental differences and reduce the cost of platform maintenance. It is fully compatible with Kubernetes' full capabilities, supporting flexible cluster hosting and load balancing, realizing automatic service fault repair, and ensuring high availability and reliability of the platform.

Multiple Data Access

It empowers developers to access data, provides a full range of one-stop services such as storage, summary and analysis, enables the full cycle connection of user data, device data and platform services, facilitates the data analysis of customer business, and takes the data from "seen" to "understood".



Meets KODA robot dogs’ demands on decentralized storage and deep learning.

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