Industry Solutions


University Researchers

Deploy massive learning environment scenes and embark on the cloud computing era with one-click.


Smart Driving

High computing performance shortens algorithm training cycle.


AI Intelligence

Shortens the deployment time of training environments and accelerates putting the AI application in place.


Cloud Games

Low-cost, high-quality, and stable storage capacity and solutions are on offer.



Provides services to accelerate C2 processing related to IPFS network.


Video Rendering

Cluster deployment, high elasticity, and flexibility of rendering resources.

Resource Advantage

Creatively build a "self-built storage capacity center and supply chain system" model to form a strong large-scale, high-performance GPU cluster.

IPFS Global Storage Power: No.1
Storage centers distributed in
Daily Storage Capacity Increase by 5PiB+
Technical Advantages
IPFS Storage Capacity Server

Provider for distributed storage, blockchain technology, and server.

GPU Storage Capability Public Cloud

Provides optimal solutions for enterprise customers' private cloud and hybrid cloud needs

AI Storage Capability Platform

Low-cost, privacy, resilience, and security AI computing cloud platform

Public Cloud of GPU Storage Capacity

High-performance, security-isolated, physical server clusters

Product System
Cloud Disaster Recovery Backup Service

Disaster recovery professional services provide enterprises with accessible, releasable and recyclable services.

Enterprise Private Cloud Service

A fully integrated escrow private cloud solution developed on the basis of a combination of the global computing, storage and network virtualization service capability.

Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

Hybrid cloud management platform serves as a one-stop operation and maintenance management and online payment platform.

Hybrid Cluster Services

HIT is a “pay-as-you-go” bare metal service model which is as convenient as a cloud host.