01Smart- Green Technology

Implement the Ever-green Plan and Practice Green Strategy

As a top decentralized cloud computing enterprise, Anmai Cloud has incorporated the inception of green development into its enterprise development strategy from the very beginning to the end. It has been committed to optimizing the green technology development strategy, setting the standards for green technology and building a green digital supply chain to create green office space. An environment affection assessment has been conducted throughout the section from raw material selection, technology development, products design, energy consuming pattern to cooperation objects as a way to achieve green cloud computing and high efficiency of technology use. This facilitates the building of an energy conserving and environment friendly society.

Purchase Environmentally Friendly Emerging Technologies

Following the laws of ecological economy, we adopt more environmentally friendly, green technologies of lower energy consumption, less noise pollution, and more efficiency to avoid, eliminate or reduce pollution and damage to the ecological environment.

Provide Cloud Computing Resources at Lower Costs

The optimization of resources has lowered the usage costs. Decentralized cloud computing has greatly reduced deployment costs by changing the mode of resource invocation.

Accelerate the Application of Advanced Green Technology Products

Develop various products that reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy, reduce environmental pollution during the production and use of products, and realize the sustainable development of the industry.

Improve the Efficiency of Clean Energy Utilization

Promote the use of renewable energy, introduce advanced equipment and management technologies, improve the operating efficiency of the power system, and build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy supply system.

Build a Low-carbon Intelligent Digitalized Industrial Supply Chain

In the industrial value chain, innovate green technology, promote green technology, carry out green transportation, and do a good job in the recycling of waste products to achieve low-carbon and environmental protection throughout the product cycle.

Serve High-efficiency, High-tech, Low-power Consumption Enterprises

Serves the world's emerging environmentally friendly technology companies with decentralized cloud computing and jointly achieve sound development in clean production, pollution control, energy saving and consumption reduction, and comprehensive utilization of resources.

Create a Batch of Advanced Models of Green Data Centers

Build a new type of data center with high technology, high computing power, high energy efficiency, and high security, and promote the data center to take a green development path that is efficient, clean, intensive and circular.

Optimize the Allocation of Computing Resources and Improve Data Utilization

Decentralized cloud computing further optimizes computing, storage and network resources, maximizes the efficiency of resource allocation, reduces redundancy, and enables refined use of resources.

02Blue Ocean

Unleash the Power of Open-source and Create the Computing Blue Ocean

The new wave of the digital economy driven by decentralized computing is opening a whole new blue ocean market. The next generation of internet commerce will phase out the sum-zero game, monopoly and winner-take-all game, and phase in open source and share, open and win-win scheme. Anmai Cloud has come to a consensus with experts and scholars, technology backbones, ecological representatives and investment institutions in the fields of politics, production, study and research, application and investment thanks to the four perceptions of cloud computing industry.

Innovative Value Proposition

The margin of cloud computing industry value is expanded, including the investment in new computing power, the mining of existing computing power and the building of the computing power liquidity market.

Innovative Profit Proposition

Restructure the value distribution mode of the industrial chain according to contribution and results and upgrade the pricing model according to the virtualization of computing power resources.

Innovative Talent Proposition

Re-link the ties among people and take advantage of decentralized cloud computing ecology with "innovator experience" as the core, to unleash the productivity of the top scientists.

Innovation Mechanism Perception

Make full use of the advantages of decentralization, non-tampering and anonymity of blockchain technology, fully protect privacy and build the foundation for equal rights of data. Only through automated contracts or authentication in decentralized infrastructure can we reduce human intervention further, strengthen technical contracts, code governance and popularize AI technology application.

03Cornerstone of Trust

Build the Protection Fence to Ensure Data Privacy

As data emerges as a new factor of production, facilitating the openness and sharing of data, increasing the value of data and enhancing the consolidation of data resources will be the new challenges facing to the big data era. Anmai Cloud ensures data ownership verification, data circulation and privacy protection via IPFS distributed storage, decentralized computing and distributed CDN network and establishment of the Web 3.0 infrastructure. It is striving a balance between data privacy protection and data openness and sharing under the condition of TEE (Trusted computing) and MPC (secured multiple computing).

Establish a Privacy and Security Protection Mechanism from the Bottom Layer

Based on the underlying architecture of the blockchain, decentralized data storage and calculation are realized, so that data can be better protected at the system architecture level.

Protect the Free Flow of Information

Through privacy computing, the data security problem of multi-source data cross-domain cooperation is solved, so that multiple participants can collaborate while protecting their own sensitive data.

Make More Effective Use of the Value of Personal Data

With the decentralization of data storage, computing, and transmission, data barriers and resource monopolies are broken, and data right can be confirmed. The value it generates will return to the data producers.

Contribute to Big Data to Deal with Crises and Challenges Faced by Mankind

Decentralized cloud computing supports the coordinated symbiosis of massive global data resources and helps all mankind cope with the crises and challenges brought about by global epidemics and climate change.