Product Advantages



Entire network coverage

CDN Speedup could cover global lines. IDC resources can be deployed by cooperating with operators. CDN edge distribution and storage nodes can be reasonably deployed across national backbone nodes to fully use broadband resources and balance flow of source stations.


Safe and stable

CDN load balance and distributed storage technologies enhance the website’s reliability, they act like an umbrella to protect your website to defend against most internet attack events. The anti-attack system also defends your website against malicious attacks.


Save money

CDN Speedup enables the allocation of networks across the country. No consideration is necessary for the purchase of servers and the following operations as synchronous mirroring is achieved among servers as well as the management of technicians, which saves manpower, energy and money.

Application Scenarios
Accelerated downloading

To provide stable and quality accelerated downloading speed to obtain large files, applications, audio and video and other business scenarios.

Website speedup

To powerfully accelerate the distribution and processing of static contents (such as all types of websites, images and small files) for portal website, Dapp, blockchain service and other business scenarios to significantly improve the web users’experience.

Security Speedup

DCDN provides ultra strong security protection ability while having the full speed-up advantages of CDN which defends against mass flow DDoS attacks and resists large-scale CC attacks.